Company Overview


The Elite Research Network is a group of independently-owned, multi-specialty sites representing capabilities across a wide variety of therapeutic areas and expertise in all clinical trial phases.

We were founded in 2004 by Chris Hoyle, who managed the business operations of a dedicated clinical research site. Hoyle recognized that many investigators were interested in participating in clinical trials and felt they could be more efficient with centralized business development efforts. Hoyle teamed up with four research sites and created the Elite Research Network, for which he would provide centralized business development services, finding trials to match the sites’ capabilities and coordinating the study process.

From the start, the Elite Research Network had a unique business model. Rather than insert costs into the already expensive drug development process, our company would derive its support from the investigator sites for which it provided business development services.

The approach resonated with investigators, who appreciated the efficiencies of centralizing certain trial-related functions. A network of like-minded sites with similar infrastructure and therapeutic capabilities arose. Over the years, the group has expanded to more than thirty sites in the United States. The network now runs more than 400 studies per year, and we’ve developed a reputation for high enrollment and high quality data. We are preferred partners to many leading pharmaceutical companies and CROs.