Elite Research Network

Budgets and Contracts

The Elite Research Network assists our clients with both per patient estimates during critical planning and centralized budget negotiations once awarded.

Per Patient Budgets

The Elite Research Network helps our clients build per patient estimates during the planning stages of a study. These estimates can be turned around to our clients in 72 hours or less.

Central Contract and Budget Negotiations

In order to help our clients reduce study start up timelines, Elite Research Network now offers a more proactive, streamlined approach to the negotiating process.  This is accomplished by common contract language across all sites and one centrally negotiated budget. There are no additional overhead costs and sites are paid directly.

Case Study

A total of ten Elite Research Network sites were awarded a CV outcomes obesity study.  Through a centrally coordinated approach, we were able to offer the sponsor common contract language and one per patient budget that all ten sites agreed to, essentially decreasing the number of contract negotiations from ten to just one. This led to a decrease in time and resources required in order to have fully executed contracts in place with each of our sites.